Competitions & Publications

“…this poem presents us with such an interesting and varied list, there’s no way we can foresee the shocking humour of the last lines. A sparkling exercise in imagination and restraint to a point.” —Billy Collins, judge of the Fish Poetry Prize 2020, comments on the poem ‘Some Pleasures’, which he awarded second prize

COMPETITIONS (2018-2021)


  • Swapping the Present for a Future – The Verve Anthology of Beginnings (2022): ‘Donor’
  • The Bedford Competition Anthology 2021: ‘Halloween’
  • Fragmented Voices Anthology 2021: ‘The Best Place’
  • Live Canon Anthology 2021: ‘Cornish Morning’
  • The Bedford Competition Anthology 2020: ‘Clarifying the protection of birds legislation’
  • The Oxford Times (November 2020): ‘Isolation’
  • Live Canon Anthology 2020: ‘Rain’
  • Quince Magazine Issue 2 Autumn 2020 ‘Street Life’: ‘The Size of it’
  • Magma 77, Act Your Age: ‘The Menopausal’
  • Spoonfeed Magazine Issue 1: ‘Trifle’
  • The Moth Issue 41 Summer 2020: ‘Sheffield’
  • Tears in the Fence 71: ‘Birthday Magic’
  • Bridges Anthology 2019: ‘Neither of our Dogs are Black’
  • Bluehouse Journal Issue 1: ‘Love’
  • Bridges Anthology 2018: ‘Becky’, ‘On Balance’, ‘How Love Is’
  • The Interpreters House Issue 68: ‘Shed’