“Vanessa Lampert’s ON LONG LOAN announced the arrival of a distinct new voice in the poetry of England – wry, humane and witty, a poet who brings the lightest touch to the weightiest matters, sees sharply near and poignantly far, and, to coin a contradiction, illuminates with shadow.” —Glyn Maxwell

Vanessa’s debut poetry pamphlet On Long Loan was published by Live Canon in November 2020. It is available to order from the publisher here.

Other praise for On Long Loan:

“Vanessa Lampert is a highly talented poet. This wonderful collection of poems, which is her first published, handsomely demonstrates this. She has a delightful gift of conveying an internal picture or emotion or jogging a forgotten memory with the minimal but surgically exact use of words. It reminded me a little of Philip Larkin as the poems are accessible but without his cynicism and also with a more direct emotional punch. I hope this is the first of many to be published.” Adam Mills

“What a gorgeous collection of poetry. There is a lot of sadness here, but it is not overwhelming, and it is shot through with moments of joy and beauty. The pairing of the last two poems, over the death of a son and the love of a father, are a beautiful counterpoint to each other. All exquisitely written.” Amy GB