Ver Poets Open Competition

I’m delighted to have been awarded first prize in the Ver Poets Open Competition 2021 for my poem ‘Gratitude’. Thank you to judge Andre Mangeot.

Kent and Sussex Open Competition

In April, I was awarded second prize in The Kent and Sussex Poetry Society Open Competition 2021 for my poem ‘Elegy for two placentas’.

Here are judge Rishi Dastidar’s comments:

The second prize goes to ‘Elegy for two placentas’ by Vanessa Lampert, attention-grabbing from its title – I can’t ever recall seeing a hymn to the body part. The poem makes its case elegantly, with grace (“Made to be lost / when your work was done”), wit (“I should have said thank you, / though you could not have pleased me then.”) and a keen sense of the humdrum strangeness that bodies are: “Oh unlovely fate of the unlovely. Oh strange trees / of purple flesh and red.”, before resolving to an image that is a prayer of a quiet, intense loveliness, the ‘humble female servants.” This is poem-as-magic spell, efficient in conveying wonder and rapture, reminding you that the everyday is actually quite special.

Commended in the National Poetry Competition

I’m happy to share that I have been commended in the National Poetry Competition 2020 for my poem ‘Sand’. The Poetry Society has kindly published online both the poem and a recording of me reading it.